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     * Wellness Pendants *

  • What are they? - A technological breakthrough from Asia that have the ability to help balance the energy meridians of the body. They are embedded with frequencies that stimulate the biofields of the body. 

  • What happens when someone wears a Wellness Pendant? - They feel better. They have more energy and focus. With the Flow, people report better sleep and lucid dreams.

  •  Is there scientific proof that they work? - Not that we know of. The process by which they are made is proprietary. Guys Coggins invented an aura camera and we have included some "before and after" pictures below taken with his camera. The pendants are obviously doing something significant.  Millions have been sold in Asia.

  • How can I know it will work for me? - We've sold thousands and offer our customers a six month guarantee. We  have a 1 % return rate. Many of our customers send us amazing testimonials, some of which are included as you scroll down. 

  •  What's the difference between Ground and Flow? - Thr Ground emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy and the Flow emphasizes the higher chakras for inspiration, meditation, and more lucid dreams. 
This video was shot at the International New Age Trade Show with the Guy Coggins Aura Camera. We had a booth there and Guy was down the aisle from us. He took one of our pendants to see how his camera responded to it and came back with this video. Thank you guy!


  • A Comment From a Skeptic

    "I'm a non-believer and doubted that this pendent would work. My friend said I should try her pendant for a day or so and see if there is a difference in my energy. I told her that I thought this was some kind of scam just to get you to buy something you didn't need, and wouldn't work. All she did was put it around my neck and said just wear it for a few days. 

    I told her I couldn't believe the difference. My energy level improved and some of my aches abated. I then tried not wearing the pendant for a day or so and reverted back to slowing down.

    Needless to say I bought a pendant and wear it all the time" - Sue N, Los Angeles

  • "I ordered the grounding pendant and received it about a week ago.

    As soon as I put it on I could feel something emanating from it.

    What it has done for me in the past week is nothing short of amazing. It has cleared out so much negative energy (I did not realize I had so much negative energy). 

    I feel much happier, smile more often…sometimes for no reason at all, seem to have more patience and finally feel like I have both feet firmly on the ground." 

Here's What Happens to People who Wear Wellness Pendants

  • "My experience with the pendants (styles A Grounding/Energy & B Ethereal) were instant in both cases.

    The energy coursed into my hand as I took it out of the box

    (Grounding/Energy) which continued to go up my arm as I held it up to view. This arrived in grand time, sleep had been evasive and my energy felt depleted.

    Wearing it through the day I found my energy to be sustained evenly straight up until bedtime.

    I actually was unaware it was bedtime until it was brought to my attention. The next morning I arose at 6 am to meditate in which I donned on the Ethereal pendant over my thick plush arctic fleece robe.

    Moments later a cooling sensation was felt in both my heart and throat chakras.

    A large "flash" of white light appeared during meditation. This phenomena was experienced one other time (ever) a few months ago where there were a series of small flashes, rather pulses of white light." - Tina Campbell

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  • "I have been wearing my pendant for a couple weeks now, and I am sleeping so much better. My energy level is generally high, but it has now gone even higher. It is so much more than just high energy,

    it is a feeling of complete wellbeing....I gave one of them to my daughter, who is bi-polar, and her results were immediate. She was feeling quite manic & after putting on the pendant, she immediately calmed down.

    We could hardly believe it. She has vowed never to do without it.......Thank you for a great product." -- Flo P.

    I have been quite impressed with the grounding pendant. I have several chronic health issues during this shedding of my skin time and I have tried several modalities to assist with them.

    Everything has really just been temporary but with the pendant I have consistently felt assistance.

    I have only worn pendant A so far and am looking forward to checking out pendant B once I have these issues a bit more stabilized.

    Also, the price is excellent.

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  • "I've been wearing the Grounding during the day and

    I seem to have much more energy and clarity.

    The Etheric Flow I keep under my pillow and I'm having much more dream activity.

    I have been looking for pendants like these but I didn't want to spend $200+" ... Gustavo Faerman

    "I feel calmer, more balanced and my dreams ae extremely lucid and non stop.

    I also notice that others respond ot me differently -- very subtle, but definitely a more positive interaction - as if my ruffled feathers had been smoothed out"
    .... Marjorie Bennett

    A 44 Year Old Martial Arts Student

    "I do Hapkido and have found wearing the Wellness Pendant has given me more balance and energy. I find it easier to make it through the grueling training that my ninth degree master puts me through.

    When I don't wear the Pendant, I feel sluggish and not nearly as focused" - Jeff K, Grenada Hills, California

    Unsolicited Emails

How We Got Started

We know that most people who are reading this initially think the pendant won't work for them. We understand. This is a totally new idea and it certainly hasn't been accepted into mainstream (yet). The same thing happened with acupuncture. Initially, it was considered a "quack" modality.

We had our own skepticism when we imported a few samples and passed them around to our friends to evaluate. Then we put a little display up in the local health food store in Sedona, leaving the pendants on consignment, not knowing what to expect. We came back a week later, and they sold out. The "health guru" behind the counter was blown away. People were buying them and then sending their friends in. They were doing muscle testing, pendulum testing and more and the Wellness Pendants were passing with flying colors.

Our experience has been that most people will notice something and experience something positive, some people right away, and others will wear a Wellness Pendant for a couple weeks and, after taking it off, will notice an immediate drop in energy. That's why we give an unconditional 6 month guarantee. No risk on your part. If it doesn't work, send it back for a full refund. 

Jim Knapp, AM PM Clerk,Sedona

Jim worked at the local AM PM in Sedona , Arizona. One of the people in our company went into the AMPM and Jim seemed to be having a bad day. He offered to let him try a pendant. A week later he returned and recorded Jim's comments. 

Ted Morter, Chiropracter, Arkansas

Dr. Morter is a respected chiropracter from 3 generations of chiropracters. He wasn't sure if he liked the Wellness Pendant at first and finally, he wouldn't take it off. 

Colleen De Jur, Grandmother, British Columbia

Colleen is a retired grandmother living in the suburbs of Vancouver. She was one of our early customers who was very enthusiastic about the product. She helped us believe in it. Thank you Colleen. 

Barbara Criswell, owner Aquarious Books, Kansas City, Mo. 

This is how Barbara describes herself in Linked'n: "I started Aquarius, a new age and metaphysical store in Kansas City, to give people a place to find tools important to them in their spiritual journey and called it "A Store for Conscious Living". After 21 years it still serves the needs of the customers and has grown as they have."

Mitchell - Merkaba Sol 
Augusta, Maine

Kay - Truly Unique, Wilson, N.C.

Ashley - Vision Quest, Scottsdale, Az. 


=>More Energy 
=>Better Balance
=>Tension in Neck and Shoulders went Away
=>No Midday Fatigue
=>More Dream Activity
=>Better Focus
=>Get Out of Bed Easier
=>Calmed Down
=>The Stongest Product in the Store
=>More Stamina and Physical Endurance

Alan Tupp, Author

"The energy I feel from these pendants is highly focused. Some of the cleanest energy I've felt from anything other than lab-grown gemstones"

Cindy Krup/Publisher Evolution Ezine

"When I first put it on, I was experiencing some chaootic energies in and through my system and within moments of placing the pendant around my neck, everything just seemed to calm down."

Siaoning JHang/Taiwan Fire Dancer

"I space out a lot, my energy level is usually lower than I would like it to be and my attention span shorter. I picked Model A and wear it constantly, and I wear both Models only when I meditate or when I go to sleep. After having been wearing them for over a week, in general my energy level has increased, thoughts became clearer, willpower strengthened, and I seem to be able to focus better in whatever I do and go deeper in meditations as well. I don't think I would ever want to take them off! :)" - Siaoning JHang

No Risk - 6 Month Guarantee!

Stores and Healers
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  • "Some of our customers tell us that when they wear the pendant they are so much more peaceful and contemplative".         

    "Skeptics will put them on feel                                                  nothing and then leave the store and come back and say I felt so heavy after I took it off. I felt lighter when it was on. I felt open. I felt more energy. I felt more grounded. My neck stopped hurting."

  • "One of our customers started checking the products out in our store with his pendulum. When he got to the Wellness Pendant, his pendant started circling madly. He said it was the strongest product in the store." 


    Gold Mountain Tea and Gift, Nevada City, Ca.

  • "It was unbelievable. I've been in this store three years and we've never seen a product leave the shelf that fast. We're all excited about it." 


    Heart of the Lotus Gift Store - Sante Fe, New Mexico

Are you a retail store, therapist, yoga studio, or psychic? We have over 250 accounts succeeding with this product. People are wearing the pendants and getting inquiries as to where they got it and it's driving new customers back to the store. We have a money back guaranteed sale policy so you can try Wellness Pendants with no risk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We are also the direct importer and we pass on our good prices to our resellers so the mark up is better than keystone. Call us and we'll share our pricing with you. 805-267-9263

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